Saturday 27 October, New Zealand and Australia will return to Japan and meet again for the final 2018 Bledisloe Cup encounter. The match will be held at International Stadium Yokohama in Japan, host venue of seven Rugby World Cup 2019™ matches including the final.

The Bledisloe Cup is the pinnacle of rugby for the two contesting nations and has been played since the 1930s. It is named after Lord Bledisloe, the Governor-General of New Zealand who donated the trophy in 1931.

Currently, New Zealand holds 46 titles to Australia's 12. Normally the Bledisloe Cup matches are held in one of the home countries, with the exception of two matches (soon to be three). The first was on Japanese soil back in 2009 and the second in 2010 in Hong Kong. Both teams secured one win overseas, however, Australia triumphed in the most recent clash.

Looking back at the first two Bledisloe matches played in August earlier this year, New Zealand dominated both games, securing an easy 38-13 win first time round. On their second meeting they did it again, thrashing Australia 40-12, this time on home soil in Auckland.

CEO of rugby Australia Raelene Castle noted, "We are looking forward to returning to Japan in October for what will be an incredible event, with one of the greatest rivalries in our game being fought one year out before the same venue hosts Rugby World Cup final."

As well as this, JRFU President Tadashi Okamura expressed his excitement and said, "We certainly look forward to the two teams, which have been leading the world rugby all the time, moving their stage into Japan and showcasing another fierce great battle. At the same time, we also are in great hopes that this match will add momentum toward Rugby World Cup 2019. New Zealand is ranked in the top of the world ranking and had won Rugby World Cup three times with the recent two in a row, while Australia is a two-time World Champion in the past. I hope many people will come to the stadium to witness this match and enjoy the encounter which will be played at the same altitude as Rugby World Cup to be held in Japan next year."

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