What do people wear at Rugby World Cup 2019 Official Hospitality?

Rugby World Cup 2019, the third largest sporting event in the world, is coming to Asia for the very first time. As well as this, 'sports hospitality' a new concept giving guests an enhanced spectator experience, is being brought to Japan for the first time at this global sporting event.

With that in mind, what do people wear at Rugby World Cup 2019 Official Hospitality?

Many guests attending Rugby World Cup through the Official Hospitality programme will be entertaining clients and business partners, or simply there to enjoy the luxurious comforts and celebrity guests of the hospitality area with their friends and family. This question calls for finesse and balance but don't worry, by the time you finish reading this article, you will have all the answers you need to prepare ahead of the big occasion.


First rule: Smart casual

'Smart casual', that phrase again that you commonly hear but never quite understand. 'Smart casual' can often imply trying to find that middle ground between corporate suit wear and weekend lounge wear. Here are some examples of how you can dress 'smart casual':


For men:

1. Chinos or similar with a collared shirt and a smart jumper paired with casual leather lace-ups or loafers. In cooler months, add a smart wool coat and scarf (particularly if you have stadium seats), if it's warmer a sports jacket in a soft fabric is perfect.

2. A well cared-for dark pair of jeans (no fading or fraying) teamed with a collared shirt and jacket may be appropriate. Remember - the nicer the shoes, the dressier your jeans will appear. But proceed with caution: dressing for these events is about showing respect for your host, particularly if you are doing business with them.


For women:

1. Similarly, a well cared-for pair of jeans teamed with a smart blouse and jacket could be a suitable option for women too. It is advised to wear either flat or shoes with a small wedge as it is a long day out! If you want to add a bit of colour to your outfit, a scarf or statement bag would be a nice finishing touch to your outfit.

2. Dresses would also be a fitting match, but not too formal. A fitted, knee length dress would be a great option.


No ripped jeans or trainers

Please remember that hospitality is somewhat more formal than only attending the match itself. Therefore, appropriate clothing will feel slightly smarter compared to the usual outfit! As mentioned above, guests are encouraged to dress 'smart causally' to a hospitality event. Avoiding trainers and ripped jeans is advised. For many people, this experience is for businesses to share with their clients, so maintaining some formality is recommended.


Rugby shirts and team colours are appropriate

It is important not to make the mistake of being overly formal however. After all, this is a global sporting event, that only occurs every four years and as such, people are attending to have fun! At STH Japan, we encourage guests to support your favourite team with your team colours, a scarf or rugby shirt.


Dress warmly and be comfortable

Throughout the tournament, it will be peak Autumn time in Japan, meaning the temperatures can range from low 20's to high 20's (degrees). Also, the location of the stadium can hugely affect the weather. As a rule, it is best to remember that the northern areas of Japan will be colder compared with the southern areas of Japan. Therefore, guests are advised to bring both warm jackets as well as sunnies (if you end up facing the sun in the stadium!).


Time is running out, with less than one year to go until Rugby World Cup 2019. The excitement is building as we edge closer to the start of the tournament. You can be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity through the official hospitality programme.


STH Japan are the Official Hospitality providers and have a range of varied and high-quality rugby hospitality options suited to meet all needs. With high demand on tickets, rugby fans are advised to prepare ahead. Secure your place now to the match(s) you want now:


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