Whilst sports hospitality is a well-established and fast-growing industry in most western countries, it is a totally foreign concept in Japan. STH Japan, a joint venture between Sports Travel and Hospitality (STH) Group and JTB, are the exclusive providers of Official Hospitality at Rugby World Cup 2019™, an event that signals the beginning of sports corporate hospitality in Japan.

Sports hospitality is largely enjoyed by companies who use sporting events to entertain their clients to further promote their business and strengthen customer relationships. In addition to corporates, individuals who relish the VIP lifestyle or are huge fans of the sport also purchase hospitality packages in order to witness the event in the finest possible way.

One of the benefits of buying hospitality is guaranteeing yourself and your guests the very best match or event ticket. At Rugby World Cup 2019, hospitality customers will be granted Category A tickets, the top tier of tickets on offer. Category A tickets are placed in the middle of the pitch, so your seat gives you a perfect view as the action unfolds.

Another highlight of sports hospitality is the pre and post-match day service you will experience. The specific detail is dependent on the hospitality package you choose, but all hospitality guests can expect the finest high-quality dining and drinks selection, plus unique entertainment such as celebrity sporting guest speakers and live music. To complete the day, guests will gain access via the VIP entrance and receive limited edition souvenirs.

At Rugby World Cup 2019 the hospitality options will also get you to the heart of the action. The Platinum package is located inside the rugby stadium itself, allowing you easy access and the opportunity to relax in the private hospitality space before, during and after the match. The post-match hospitality will allow the crowds to die down before you leave the stadium, and give you more time with guests and clients to discuss the world-class rugby you have just witnessed.

Sport provides the perfect venue for corporate hospitality as it has the unique ability to bring people together from all over the world through a shared experience that all can connect with. If sport is not part of your customer engagement strategy, now is the time to consider the impact it can have on your business objectives. Sports hospitality can make your company a major player within your industry. Don't miss your chance to witness Rugby World Cup 2019 - in Japan for first time, the experience of a lifetime.

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Rugby World Cup 2019™