Sports hospitality is a high-class premium experience that is new to Japan. This new form of sport spectating will greatly contribute to an increase in the number of visitors to Japan and the expansion of Sport GDP in the region. JTB and STH Japan hope to contribute to the development of rugby in Japan and the world, through its efforts in the Rugby World Cup 2019.

Hiroyuki Takahashi, President and CEO of JTB Corporation, said the following:

"Sports hospitality is a high-class oriented product that combines sport spectator tickets with fine meals and entertainment, and is indispensable as a special sport watching style in the Western world. Although it is a still less known in Japan, I am convinced that JTB's "omotenashi (hospitality)" assets can be fully utilized in the sports industry, and, as the sole official travel agent in the country, we would like to contribute to the success of the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan and the development of the rugby around the world."

Simon Jefford, the CEO of SPORTS TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY LIMITED, said the following:

"We look forward to welcoming everyone in every city where Rugby World Cup 2019 matches will be held, and by incorporating the culture of each city into our service style, we are confident that we can offer products that will catch the attention of both Japanese and international markets. We will prepare a plan to attract rugby fans from around the world to experience Japanese hospitality and the wonders of this beautiful country. I am honored to be a member of the team that will introduce Japan to the world."


About STH Japan:

Set up as a Joint Venture between JTB Corporation and Sports Travel & Hospitality Group, STH Japan is a business that designs, promotes and operates premium spectator experiences at major sports events in Japan. STH Japan is currently the exclusive, global hospitality provider for Rugby World Cup 2019™, the first Rugby World Cup in Asia.

Sports Hospitality is a new spectator experience in Japan but is very well-established in Europe and North America. Hospitality consists of fine meals, celebrity guest speakers and entertainment and includes the best available match tickets. Hospitality is a unique and prestigious way to experience major sporting events and is used extensively by businesses in the West to build relationships with important clients and colleagues.

Previously, STH Group has operated the global hospitality programme for notable sporting events including; IAAF World Championships 2017, UCI Track Cycling World Championships, London 2012 Olympic Games and Rugby World Cup 2007, 2011 and 2015.

Rugby World Cup 2019™